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gooodbyeeee pappaaa

Really really amusing haha.
Especially the end.

Graphics were pretty nice too, you are good sir ^^


Well it is actually quite funny.
It keeps repeating over and over XD
The animations are, decent / mediocre, but the idea is really funny xD

angry-eyebrows responds:

thanks man its kinda crap because its like my 3rd flash i made so im not entirley used to it yet.

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Sorry, but i don't think submitting something like this is a good idea when the majority of a website exist out of BOYS. It is always good to do some research on your target group first that synergizes with your submission. (if you want it to score decently that is).

Your target group is : Gays and Shemales.

Good luck !

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Dayum, nice dude. Very good mastering. This is a nice addition to the Rain Forest original :D

Yow Envy! Nice to have you back. Listened to your tracks many years ago and made quite a few myself in the meantime as well. Would mean the world to me if you saw this comment and checked it out. It is the top listed audio submission on my profile at the moment.

I can't help but notice some slight clipping / distortion in your track, am I right?
It's like it's exported above 0DB causing the slightly distorted sound.
Exporting it a couple of DB lower would definitely do the trick.

Or perhaps you did it on purpose for Newgrounds?


Especially the mastering is so extremely well done. I'm so envious right now! Trying to get a good mastering for years already. Just when I thought I had a nice mastering it got completely denied by the beauty of yours. Absolutely fantastic! If you don't mind, could you give some hints on the mastering perhaps? For example, do you mix the track down by adding x plugin to the master channel? Or do you master everything separately. My tracks only use like a smidgin of the soundstage of my headphones. But your track sounds like it is all around me. Again, superb! 5/5 10/10, downloading it too. Great addition to my D&B en dubstep list.

Hobby level "home-grown" Producer. Hoping to reach a professional level within my still severely limited lifespan. Posting tracks on newgrounds when idk wtf to add (WiP's). Will occasionally post complete tracks. Have a listen and enjoy :D. Greets Potenc

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